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How to Join

The VFWR Sky Islands Chapter is always looking for veterans and family members to become part of the family. The first and easiest step in the process to become a member of our chapter is to email us at skyislands@azvfwriders.com and meet with the Chapter Director or Assistant Director.

Once you meet with the Director or Assistant Director, they will invite you to attend our rides, events, and meetings as a Guest. During the time that you ride with us as a guest, we will encourage you to consider what joining our organization means to you and whether our chapter is the right fit for you and your family.

Once you complete the minimum amount of rides and meetings, we will let you know that you are eligible for membership in our chapter. At this point, if you decide to join our chapter, your membership status will be brought up for a vote at our membership meeting, and once voted in you will be eligible to purchase and wear our chapter insignia.


Membership Requirements

  1. Be a Current member in good standing in the VFW, VFW Ladies Auxiliary, or the VFW Men’s Auxiliary.

  2. Be the legally registered owner of a motorcycle of at least 500cc engine displacement and possess a valid driver's license (with motorcycle endorsement) in your state of residence (military equivalents acceptable), 
    Be the legal spouse  of a VFWR member in good standing within the Chapter.

    For more information on joining the VFW, please visit the VFW Membership Page at www.vfw.org.

New Member Process

  1. Contact us at skyislands@azvfwriders.com.

  2. Attend four chapter rides and attend two
    chapter general membership meetings.
  3. Get voted in to the chapter.
  4. Pay the Chapter Dues.

    For more information on becoming a member please contact your local chapter or visit our membership resources page.